Soul Flow

Drop out of the "thinking mind", down into the body to access the essence of the heart and soul, inside Soul Flow

Soul Flow is your gateway to unlocking a more vibrant, abundant, and soul-inspired life. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it's easy to accumulate stress, negative energy, and emotional blocks that can hold us back from reaching our highest potential. That's where the power of breath and meditation comes in.

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Embrace the Power of the Clearing and Release Breath

In the serene practice of the "Clearing and Release Breath," led by Lauren Dorsey (available in the Preview of Soul Flow) you'll discover a sanctuary within yourself where you can let go of the energy, blocks, and things that no longer serve your highest and best. This gentle yet profound meditation technique is your starting point on the path to elevating your vibrational frequency and stepping into the most abundant version of your life.

This is more than just a meditation technique; it's a gateway to unlocking the abundance and inspiration that resides within you. Begin your journey toward a more radiant, soulful existence – one breath at a time.

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What to expect...

Start your journey toward a more peaceful and centered life. Access and Preview Soul Flow where you will bid farewell to anything that's holding you back from your highest and best. Your path to inner harmony begins with a single click.

Energy Clearing

Through intention and focused breathing, you can channel positive energy into your being while dissolving negativity. This process revitalizes your body and frees up mental space, allowing for greater clarity and creativity. Expanding on the essence of your soul.

Stress Relief

As you breathe deeply and consciously, you signal to your nervous system that it's safe to unwind. This helps reduce stress, calm the mind, and create a sense of tranquility in your daily life.

Alignment with your Soul or "Higher Self"

This serves as a bridge to your higher self, aligning you with your soul's deeper purpose. As you release the burdens held within, you make room for spiritual growth, self-discovery, and a more profound connection to the essence of who you are... at a soul level.